Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays…………whatever you prefer–Even Bah Humbug!

Published 12/12/2014 by Donna Kennedy

December is upon us and as all good things come to an end, so does 2014.  Many great changes are afoot.  New people continue to come on board to make life interesting.  Some of my personal projects have been completed, thank goodness!  And new projects are in the wings.

“Pajama Girl” has been on a roll the last time we met.  Together in one evening, she cut and sewed 7 pillows with zippers then went on to cut and sew 15 pillowcases.  It became a game to see how much could be accomplished.  She had a little help with the ironing, so all she was doing was cutting and sewing.  Quite a major display of effort on her part, but won’t family and friends be surprised with her accomplishments?  Her skills have continued to improve and she has developed a serious “need for speed” as a result of her serger!

Please help me welcome “Tights Girl” to our group.  She comes with an interest in exercise wear and swimwear.  So far she has successfully made well fitting tights for herself from a pattern we developed,  after a potholder and jammies of course.

New on the horizon is “Bag Lady” who is making the most darling zippered bags after learning to use a zipper foot.  They are perfect for that makeup bag that ladies want in their purses.  She has a shop on Etsy with them for sale.  Ask me for the shop name if you are interested in seeing them.

“Sergers & Sausage” is joining us with wanting to up her skill level by incorporating a serger into her projects.  She was kind enough to offer to help complete the capes for the Great Santa Run by allowing me to work with gluing that fur  in her garage.  Fur is messy!

“Dolly Girl” is a delightful individual (yes, she is an adult!) with an extensive collection of Barbie Dolls that she wants to display in her own creations.  Her shopping trip was a panic!  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.  She will be one to watch out for as I sense a serious fabric stash in her future.

“Camo Girl” joins us this month as well.  Plans are afoot to re-purpose some military uniforms into fun useful items for friends and family.  First on the agenda will be surprise items for the holidays.  More on those ideas later.

As for myself, the Santa Capes are done.  The race was run and Opportunity Village used the capes as a fundraiser by selling them at the race as souvenirs.  It was a pleasure to be able to participate in this manner.  In exchange for the efforts, Las Vegas Sewing Instruction is represented by a tree in Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest this year.  Please come out to see it and support this worthy cause.  The forest will be open nightly into the first week of January 2015.

Merry Christmas Everyone and best wishes for the coming New Year!

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