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Merry Christmas!! (or Happy Holidays if you rather)

Published 12/22/2013 by Donna Kennedy

Wow, how time flies!  Seems like I just posted to here a few days ago, only to see that it has been more like 6 weeks.  It’s that time of year when our lives get busy.  We are wrapping up yet another year with celebrations of our friendships, our work, and our faith.  All are good celebrations!

I started a little contest for the last part of the month to see what sort of response there might be.  For each class booked and held, the student will be entered into a drawing that has three prizes (a free class, a half price class, and a class for 25% off).  So far, interest has been pretty light, but the inspiration for this idea was a little late, so it’s all good. 😉

Let’s see……what HAS been happening since I blogged last….

Please join me in welcoming some new faces and a little update on what is happening with both new peeps and others!  Hmm….where to start?  I guess I could just pick a name and go from there.

Katie M. (newbie!) continued her t-shirt today and ended up altering it to fit.  She had wanted to learn alterations, so this was a start.  At the end of today’s class, all she had left to do was hem her shirt and then it will be ready to wear as she flies home to see family on the East Coast tomorrow.  Katie has done some sewing previously and simply wants to up her skill level.

Carolyn F. is working on PJ’s last time we met and likely has them finished by now.  The fabric she chose is really cute!

Erica M. has gotten wild and crazy and has been making unitards for use when she teaches yoga classes and for wearing when she does contortions.  She also altered them all on her own for a fabulous fit.  Her husband has also benefited from her endeavors as she has made him tops for wearing under martial arts wear and he has then had them screen printed with his logo.  Guess he is also proud of her efforts.

Andrea M. has set off on making her annual PJ bottoms galore for her family.  Not sure how many she will make this year, but probably more than the dozen she made last year!  Grandma Nan has been acquiring a pair for each holiday…LOL. Her family does love them so!

Jennifer G.  (newbie) is off to a GREAT start!  She’s made a gorgeous holiday apron (well, it IS cranberry color trimmed in cream!) and has completed a serger class.  I see fabulous things coming out of her future plans.

Jeravae C.  is working on a leotard for her husband as part of a ballroom dance ensemble.  Swimwear fabric presents some unique challenges, and she is handling them very well.  She also puts crystals on her gowns-so very pretty!

Kimberly S. has done her shopping trip and has her first class session scheduled.  She gets honorable mention for saving a bunch of money on her first time at a fabric store.

Laura L.  has some great ideas for mixing and matching some fabrics for a boho look that will be darling once completed.  She is hinting to the man in her life to upgrade her machine for her for Christmas.  Wish her well in the hopes that he will do this.

Leigh Ann W.  is starting some baby doll jammies.  She loves Disney princess fabric and is very much the girly girl.  Can’t wait for her to finish them, can you?

Malea S. (newbie) is off and running.  She did her potholders, apron, a top, slacks, and currently is working on a dress.  She’s working on a garment portfolio as a part of her application to attend F.I.T. in New York.  She tends to push the envelope a bit by choosing tricky materials to work with and has the patience to do what it takes for the desired end result.  She had an end of the semester event for a UNLV class and was able to see firsthand why ironing during construction is so important.

Merry D. (newbie) started in a bit of an unusual way.  We met by accident while she was purchasing a machine.  One thing led to another and we worked together on African styled clothing for a woman attending a wedding locally.  Fabulous brocades mixed with gauze is very tricky to work with but oh so beautiful.

Piyatida N. (newbie) is planning a children’s line of clothing.  She is working on her first outfit for a toddler and practicing her English at the same time as well as trying to learn American yardage and measurements.  We work with a blend of American and metric measurements which is good for everyone involved in sewing or pattern making to learn.  Many of the sewing machines have already converted to metric measurements and others are in transition to this as well.  Oh yes, I hope to learn a little of the Thai language along the way, but its really hard!!!

Ryan S. (newbie) came on board and is also off to a good start.  However, she is off spending the holidays with her fiance in Switzerland.  Must be rough….  She will resume once she returns after the beginning of the new year.

Shemika L. (newbie) is just underway.  She chose a new machine, did her shopping trip and made her first potholder while getting acquainted with her machine.  She is a LOT of fun!

Tiffany T. (newbie) was gifted a machine from a friend who got it for a steal.  It’s a great beginners machine and Tiffany handles it quite well.  I think she will likely finish those Star Wars PJ’s for her boyfriend after Christmas.  A word to the wise-we learned that licensed fabric is sometimes narrower than 45 inches, even though it is a higher thread count, so take heed when purchasing ANY fabric to be certain of the width before you choose the yardage.

As for my Christmas plans, well…….as of this writing they remain a secret.  I’m in hopes of actually having some time to do some reading…….or maybe some sewing…..for me??  Wouldn’t that be something special?? I think so.  So on that note, I want to wish each and everyone a very  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With out a doubt, I’ve missed a few of you, so please don’t feel slighted.  Hopefully I’ll catch you here sooner or later!   If you would like to sew between now and January 1st, give me a call.  I’m only closing for Christmas Day and New Years Day.