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Smartphone Apps

Published 06/15/2014 by Donna Kennedy

With modern technology being what it is, there’s a lot available for sewing people. If you hate printing out coupons, you might consider looking into these mobile phone options:

Jo-Ann’s recently launched an iPhone app which has exclusive coupons as well as a decent shopping interface. They also have options for other mobile devices.   Jo-Ann’s coupons via the app vary typically from 30% to 50% off  for a single item.

While not so much a sewing store as a general craft store,  Michael’s also has a nice iPhone app you may find useful.   They typically have a 40% off coupon available on the app.

Hobby Lobby has a app that usually has a 40% off coupon available.

Hancock Fabrics has a mailer as well with coupons.

Please be aware that most but not all of these retailers accept each others coupons providing they sell the same type of item.

Happy Shopping!  Use your coupons!!