Kid’s Classes

**Please read entire page as there is a lot of information offered here.

Children of both genders who demonstrate readiness may begin to learn to sew between age 9 and 11.  Lessons are given in the home and a parent must be present at all times for children under age 16. Parents will be expected to be an active participant in their child’s lesson, much as they would with homework brought home from school. Parents might be asked to do the ironing for their children, with direction of course, and other activities as deemed necessary by the instructor.

Children do best when they are rested and alert. The intent is to make the class interesting to them so they may embark on learning a skill that will last them a lifetime.  If they are tired from a day at school, the environment is not conducive to learning.

That being said, Kid’s Classes are typically held for a length of 2 hours for $60 per session.  Each child is required to have their own sewing machine following the guidelines for adult machines.  A parent for each child must be present during class time, no exception. There will be homework for each child to complete and the parent will need to help with this if needed.

Kid’s projects can vary based on interest level but typically start with a simple pillowcase.

Other projects for children:

Alphabet letters, stuffed, to spell the child’s name.

Stuffed animals

Pajama bottoms

Vest with or without a hoodie

American Girl doll clothes

Dog Jacket


Quilt-simple block style

Girl’s sundress

There are many other projects suitable for children, dependent on their skill level and interests.   Please review the remainder of the website and you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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