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Jeans Shorts Alteration

Published 08/16/2011 by Donna Kennedy

Today we altered a pair of jeans shorts for Roxanne. Although the thickness of the denim was a challenge for her machine, the pants eventually went from “bubble butt” to perfect fit in an afternoon!

Jeans Project Before

Before - The belt is really making a bunch!

Jeans Project Pinning

Pinning it Down - You can see the chalk line where we were taking it in to.

Jeans Project, Comparing Old and New

Comparison - She had another pair just like them, so you can see the size difference.

Jeans Project After (1)

They fit so much better!

Jeans Project After (2)


Aprons and Potholders and PJs, Oh My!

Published 08/13/2011 by Donna Kennedy

I often suggest my students who are new to sewing start with three simple projects: potholders, an apron, and finally pajamas. Here are some of my students with their early projects.

Starr's First Project

Starr's First Project - Her machine is REALLY fast!



Nicole's Apron (2010)

Nicole's Apron (2010)

Blue Apron

Tiffany's Apron

Tiffany's Apron

Carrol's PJs

Carrol's PJs - see the decorative stitching?