Custom Sewing

Custom sewing projects* for things you need can be arranged.  The fee for this is $30/hour.  There is a cash deposit of $60** required as a consultation fee in order to begin.  This amount will be applied toward the final total cost.  Project time is billed in quarter hour increments with balance due in cash at the time of delivery/pick up.  Flat rate fees are not available except for simple hems.

Lead time for completing your project will be a minimum of one week for you to expect it to be returned to you.  It is based on getting it done around the current workload and may vary from time to time.

If you need a project done on an urgent basis and if it can be accommodated, the rate will be $50/hour.  A cash deposit of $100** is required to begin your project with the balance due in cash at the time of delivery/pick-up.  Project time is billed in quarter hour increments.  There is no guarantee that any given project will be accepted for completion in less than 24 hours.  Again, that is based on existing workload at the time you submit your request.

*All materials to be purchased by customer and presented at time of order.

**Deposits will not be applied to purchase of any materials necessary to complete project.

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