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Classes are available! Contact me for availability.

Established 2008                                                Updated December 2022

Welcome to the 13th year!! It’s hard to believe it has been this long.  So many new faces have joined in over the years to learn about one of the fiber arts!  It is a pleasure to meet individuals in search of a new craft!

Please read through this opening page. Browse the drop-downs at your leisure for more info.  Then please call or text with questions. Love any and all questions!!


Pre-class guided shopping trip price is a $40 flat fee no matter how much time is needed.   This does NOT include items you choose to purchase. BUT plan that we will coupon the store to the max!! That’s one of my favorite things to do.  I try to keep as much $$ in YOUR pocket as possible.  That makes it just FUN, don’t you think?


Class price is $80 for ALL classes per person for 3 hours of time in YOUR home.  You will provide your own sewing machine and supplies.  Need help choosing a sewing machine?  Please ask!  Help is available!!!  If you choose to shop for a machine independently, be advised that a machine with a retail price point below $199 is NOT a machine acceptable for classes as those machines have too many limitations. 

Considering a serger?  Please avoid Singer brand sergers – both new or used – as many have tension issues.  Call for current recommendations before purchasing.

For more information on this, please contact me.

Additional time beyond 3 hours is at the discretion of the instructor and are negotiable.

Serger Class is two sessions, each 3 hours in length for $80 each.  This is a very busy, intense class.  More information can be found in the above tabs.

Confirmation required day before class via phone, text or email. Confirmation is the student’s responsibility.

Cancellation fee of $20 will be applied if cancelling  less than 2 (TWO) hours in advance of your class.  Due & payable at your next class.  This is easily avoided by contacting via phone or text!

Las Vegas Sewing Instruction is designed for novice to more advanced sewers interested in clothing construction for themselves and others.  Assistance with Home Dec items available but may vary.  Lessons are given 1:1 in your home.   Group classes available on a very limited basis – please ask. I have experience with sewing for 40+ years, including serger work and some machine embroidery. Whether you want to learn basics or more advanced techniques, this is the class for you! Sewing lessons will be tailored to your ability level.  Students of all ages are welcome!  Suitability of young children for classes will be determined during our initial phone contact.  If you are under age 18, a parent must be present during class time, no exception.  Parents are welcome & encouraged to check on their children at any time during a class in your home!   LOOK at the drop-down tabs at the top of this page for more information.  Most everything you need to know will be found here.  After you read those, then give me a call!

I can teach you how to:

  1. Sew a straight line
  2. Hem pants
  3. Make infant/children’s clothing
  4. Make adult clothing including lingerie
  5. Sew a shirt for the significant other in your life
  6. Make things for your home
  7. Quilt
  8. Dream something up — and we will figure it out together!
  9. Use a serger (if you have one!) or decide to get one.

Check this page for more info, and be sure to contact me via email with  questions or just to introduce yourself as a potential new student!  Please email your contact information (include phone number!)  to  LasVegasSewingInstruction@gmail.com.  Please tell me a little about yourself and include the best times to call.  I will be checking this email on a daily basis and you may expect a return call within 24-48 hours (often very quickly!)

September Sewing 2011

December 2022 Update

To reach me for an initial contact please text me at 702-767-9768. Leave your name and the best time to contact you. Please allow 20-30 minutes for a call.

Or if you prefer, you may email me at: LasVegasSewingInstruction@gmail.com. Please leave your name, phone number and best time to call. If you like, tell me what you hope to accomplish and learn. Also, if you have a machine already please include the brand and model number and approximate age. This way I can look it up before we speak on the phone.