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Aprons and Potholders and PJs, Oh My!

Published 08/13/2011 by Donna Kennedy

I often suggest my students who are new to sewing start with three simple projects: potholders, an apron, and finally pajamas. Here are some of my students with their early projects.

Starr's First Project

Starr's First Project - Her machine is REALLY fast!



Nicole's Apron (2010)

Nicole's Apron (2010)

Blue Apron

Tiffany's Apron

Tiffany's Apron

Carrol's PJs

Carrol's PJs - see the decorative stitching?

Tiffany’s Kid Aprons

Published 07/29/2011 by Donna Kennedy

One of the beginner’s projects I like to have people do is an apron. Tiffany made hers and liked it so well she made one for each of her kids, as well!

Tiffany With the Aprons

Tiffany's 3 Kid Aprons