Introductions & Info

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

If you’re interested in becoming a student of mine, please give some information about yourself by answering the following questions. Please email me with the following basic information at

  1. What do you wish to learn from joining a sewing group?
  2. What sewing machine and/or serger do you have at present? Will we need to go shopping for your machine?
  3. Anything else you’d like me to know?

Please Note

In addition, please take note of the following:

  1. You’ll need an iron and ironing board available at your home.
  2. Classes will be held in your home.
  3. Expect to have your machine & owners manual, notions, fabric, and pattern available for each class. (If you have a serger, it’s use will be incorporated in your projects,  but you are not expected to buy one for this class.) Check out my list of recommended supplies.  If you have chosen to purchase a rotary cutter, please do not use it without a cutting mat or you can damage your cutter and the surface you are cutting on.  Specific instruction for use of a rotary cutter & mat will be provided during your shopping trip.
  4. Classes will be scheduled by phone directly with your instructor.  Classes scheduled at mutually available times and on a first come, first served basis.  Student is responsible for confirming scheduled class one day in advance.
  5. Please contact me by phone for more info at (702) 767-9768.  Please include your phone number (required) and best times to call (I don’t call between 10pm-8am without your permission).  Messages will be returned in 24 to 72 hours.

26 comments on “Introductions & Info

  • Hi. I am wanting to learn to sew. I need to make a poodle skirt. On my Facebook wall you will see a pic of my sewing machine. I do not know how to read a pattern. Can I get some help? You can chat with me on FB. Or leave a message. Need help ASAP.

    After the poodle skirt I want to make clothes. Nothing real fancy.


  • I am a newbie and would like to learn how to do the basics of sewing initially. My big concern is learning how to hem pants and take in seams for my consistently growing 7-year old son! I would eventually like to learn how to make clothes for myself because I am short and have a short torso. I do not currently have a sewing machine (had one years ago but never threaded and finally gave it to my sister) and will need a shopping consultation.

    • Hi Kimberly!

      Welcome to Las Vegas Sewing Instruction! Give me a call in the next few days and we will get you set up for your shopping trip. If you would rather have me call you you will need to send me your number to or if you would rather, my contact information is on the site. I’ll give it to you here anyway. 702-448-7152 is best (home) or my cell is 702-496-2723.


      Donna Kennedy

    • Hi Merry!

      Welcome to Las Vegas Sewing Instruction! I think you will find most of the information you are seeking on the site, but classes are $20/hr for typically 2 hour sessions. You are allowed time to set up and tear down that is not included in that price, so you will typically be here for 2 1/2 hours. Please give me a call if you would like more information. I can be reached at 702-448-7152.


      Donna Kennedy

  • What kind of sewing machine should I get? I need it for outfits, I’m in the ent industry. I have seen some cheap ones but I don’t know if they would work as good as the more expensive ones. Does it really matter? I saw some for like 25$ or something cheap like that. Would a small on do as good a job as a bigger one? I live in a Studio so I don’t really want a huge machine. Can you recommend one? Decent price. Good quality. Thanks.

  • Consider the entry level machines that Husqvarna Viking has to offer. Those can be seen at a dealer inside the Jo-Ann’s stores on either N. Rainbow & Lake Mead, or at their Henderson location at Sunset & Marks. You want a machine that you will grow into as you will be happier with it in the long run. Although the Husqvarna Viking machines are a little more money, they are much more durable plus have a better warranty and can be serviced readily. Most machines should be serviced at least every 60 hours of sewing or every 1 or 2 years. Husqvarna Viking machines can last your lifetime with minimal care. The Husqvarna Viking machines don’t take up any more room than any other brand and have the additional bonus of coming with a hard cover which is something I require you to have for transporting your machine. Less expensive machines do not offer this. However, you will have a more powerful machine in any of the Vikings which will serve you better for heavier stitching as costuming might require. Don’t be tempted by a lot of fancy stitches on a less expensive brand machine such as Brother or Singer. Although they are very pretty and do serve a function, they are very seldom used. Probably more than 90% of sewing utilizes a straight stitch so that is really where your focus should be and on getting one that can handle bulky materials. Call me and we can go shopping for a machine together. I tend to help you choose something that is practical. Also too, the Husqvarna Viking stores offer layway and/or a payment plan that is quite reasonable. The machines start at about $349 and go up from there and typically there are monthly sales on different machines.

  • OUCH! As usual there isn’t a shoe horn big enough to get my foot out of my mouth. I never realized when I was debating your knowledge on Amazon discussion, I was debating a PROFESSIONAL sewing instructor. AKA Sissy. Little later on, I’ll take the opportunity to review your website. Do if you get the chance to check “Friend a Nurse,” website, you’ll truly relate- you’ll also be thankful you left the prof.

    • You are too funny! I had to save and post this comment for everyone to see. Hmm…professional sewing instructor?? Seriously?? I’m just another nut that enjoys putting to use what I have learned over the years. I enjoy enabling other folks in their endeavors to learn to sew. That’s really what it is all about for me and I find that most satisfying.

      • LOL! Well we are 2 nuts in a shell then. Actually your area is very fortunate to have professional sewing instructors, that actually teach individuals how to construct garments. This opportunity does not exist in our area. So hopefully those that are interested in learning the skill of sewing take full advantage. Happy Sewing!!!!~~~

  • Thanks or the info you sent.
    One more question, Do you know where the best place online to purchase fat squares (I think this is the name) or 6″X6″ squares of a variety of colors for reminent quilts? Do you know any websites?

    • You are looking for what is know as “fat quarters” and again, Jo-Ann’s has a wide array of them. But before you buy them, consider this, yes, they are a quarter of a yard 18×22 typically, but price that against fabric on sale, you may do better to buy a quarter of a yard of what is on sale. Fat quarters are typically $2 or a little over and they may work for what you are doing, but then again, you may be happier with buying from a bolt of fabric. As to websites for remnant quilts, sorry, but you will just have to search that out as I don’t have any input to offer here.

  • I’m sooo excited that I found you! I will be moving to Vegas in July or August. I have wanted to learn to sew for awhile. I’m having someone else make my tennis skirts and I would like to make them myself. I know that I can …I know I can…lol!! I will call when it gets closer to that time.

  • No problem. I’m really excited. You can see my website I want to make the skirts myself. A lot easier. I have two machines that I have no idea how to use.
    A serger and a regular machine. Good luck teaching this ADHD adult..Lol…

  • I have never sewn. I see the beautiful little dresses and tutus for my 3 year old girl and I would love to make them myself! I am wondering if this is a pipe dream for a 35 year old who has never sewn anything but a button on a shirt! I would love to start but not sure if this would take years to learn?

    • Erica- It’s never to late to learn if you have the desire to do so! All it takes is the willingness to learn something new. You are certainly among the average age of my students. Yes I’ve had pre-teens, but I’ve also had women in their 60’s and 70’s that got started and have gone on to make the things that they are interested in making. Please give me a call and let’s talk. I’m certain you have many more questions than what you wrote here.

      • Erica- by all means take advantage of taking sewing classes. Trust me, I live in an area along the northeast, that if you don’t have the desire to quilt, you don’t sew. Such luxuries as having hands on sewing instructors doesn’t exist. You will find sewing a pleasurable art. Learning the skill of constructing a garment, is much easier when you have a hands on instructor. Never to early or late to start. Enjoy!!!

  • Hello. I am new to sewing. Have a Singer I bought a few years back that I would like to
    learn how to use. I have ideas for clothing for myself that I can’t find in the stores anywhere that I would love to sew myself.

  • Hello my name is Jacquelyn, and I have always been fascinated with sewing on a machine. Aunts and Grandmother sewed clothes. Now, that I am older I am feeli g drawn to it more so. I love fashion and I am wanting to learn how to sew a clothes for myself

  • Hi, I have been sewing for the last thirteen years. But, there are still things I feel like I need to learn. What classes do you think would be best for me? I have a singer and a server. I was also wondering if there is a place we can go to for the classess? Also, is there a set out of classes to take? Like is there a beginner program, intermediate, or advanced? I’m asking because I’m positive when I sign up, my little sister would want to join too.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

    – Nichi

  • Hello, I will be moving to Vegas from Chicago in a few weeks and I am interested in Garment Construction as well as making things for the Home. I am a intermediate sewer, I have took a few lessons in Chicago from a marvelous sewing instructor who will be truly missed since I am moving to Vegas. I am interested in making Beautiful fashionable Garments for a mature lady. I am looking forward to attending some of your classes and meeting you to learm how to advance my skills and learn to really use my serger. I have a Bernina 930 sewing machine that sews very well and a Babylock air threading serger that I will like to really learn how to use! I should be in Henderson, Nevada and settled by September or earlier and will be looking forward to meeting you for sewing lessons!

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