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Just a little update

Published 05/04/2013 by Donna Kennedy

Hi and thanks for visiting my website.  I don’t often post here myself as I don’t want to have folks think I am here to blow my own horn!  But don’t think I won’t if I get a chance to!  🙂

Let’s see…..time for a little update….. Of late, the pre-teen students are beginning to come on board.  I currently have 2 ten year olds that I am working with (moms included here!) and a 7 year old in the wings that I expect I will be meeting shortly.  I typically prefer to start children at about the age of 8, but there are some that are ready sooner, it’s just so individual as you well know.  Any child that shows an interest and has the capability to focus on a task within their age range, is more than welcome to become a student.  Children will start with simpler projects, many of which involve sewing in straight lines (not perfectly of course!)  I do expect at least one parent to be actively involved here as the child needs a resource in between classes, so moms, you also get to learn for the same class fee that you pay for your child!  I consider it a win-win situation for all.  Hope you will as well!

Other developments since this website has started….  We have had an apron queen-at last count, Jessica M. had made over a dozen aprons.  Not to be outdone, next comes Andrea M. with PJ bottoms numbering at least 12 if not more.  To her credit, she took the pattern that is taught here and changed it up in size to fit the slightly more generous figures of some of her relatives.  After that, she got even more creative and has added contrasting ties and other fabric contrasts to the jammies.  Next comes Erica M. with at last count 11 potholders.  Who knows, she could have even more made by the time I see her next week!  So if you have something that you learn to do, and love to do, I wouldn’t be surprised to see your name appear here as well.  Absolutely everyone needs to be given a pat on the back for their efforts.  Next comes Hope R., who wears suits as an executive.  Her issue is in order to get the jacket to fit, she needs a size larger than her slacks.  The high quality suits she was purchasing, did not have the option to buy the pieces separately.  Last week, she deconstructed then reconstructed a pair of those pants and got them altered (with a bit of help) to a fit she could be proud to wear.  I’ve no doubt that she is going to go on to more involved and difficult alterations fairly quickly.

I will try to post a bit more often with project updates, so check back now and again for the latest news!