Where does the time go?

Published 05/14/2015 by Donna Kennedy

About the time I get around to posting, time seems to have absolutely flown by.  I often wonder where it went even then…….  I guess being busy has a good deal to do with why I don’t often post to here.  Let’s see what is happening currently……..

“Pajama Girl” has been on a roll.  She’s doing all kinds of crazy and wild things these days.  Her current interests are more home items and less clothing.  She rolls with whatever idea comes to mind that the two of us can find a way to create.  So much fun!!   Projects of late have included a basket made out of wrapped clothesline that turned out totally adorable.  She gifted it to her mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  Another basket is underway, but has yet to be revealed.  Last evening, she had this sun sail that she had purchased that was not of a shape that she wanted, so……we cut it down.  Two sides  are each 20 feet long-the original width I am uncertain of as she had cut it down prior to my arrival.  After a supply run to JoAnn’s for upholstery thread, size 18 needles and belt webbing we got underway.  SEVERAL hours later it was completed.  It took about 1200 yards of thread!!  Each side was stitched six or more times.  Good grief!!  She reported today that she had put it up and it was just how she wanted it.

Please help me welcome back “Blue Girl” who took a break for awhile and has reappeared with some fun plans.  She has an interest in tiki prints and somewhat challenging projects.  She enjoys repurposing fun fabrics and has a definite creative side to the things she makes.  She recently made a faux fur vest that is completely lined.  She is nearing completion of a pair of cargo pants with really cute pockets.  She is learning the Palmer/Pletsch manner of fitting pants and her first pair out of a linen like material has an amazing fit.

“World Traveler” is fairly new and has tackled an interesting variety of things so far like Greek letters for clothing applique use on t-shirts.  She has also begun to make fancy dress clothing for her cute little doggies that weigh about 3 to 4 lbs.  So cute!  She will add bling to the clothing with hot fix crystals.  She is also going to learn the use of her serger.

There are other new individuals arriving and just getting underway so nicknames have not quite been chosen as yet.  If you are not mentioned here or you don’t recognize yourself in the description, it is not meant as an oversight deliberately.  Check back later and perhaps  you will recognize yourself.

Happy Stitching!

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