What?? It’s NOVEMBER?? What happened to October??

Published 11/13/2014 by Donna Kennedy

The title says it all…October vanished in a blur and I can’t get it back! Update on the capes – a small snag (me) was hit and the cape completion was delayed.  Hopefully after this week it will be attacked in earnest and completed.  Funny how life can get in the way at times don’t you think?

In October, I had the dubious privilege of altering two dresses for local Homecoming events.  Both had unique problems and one in common, lots and lots of crystals.  Garments with crystals may take one of two approaches, removal of crystals, or working around them.  Both are tedious and contribute largely to the reason that alterations can end up being quite expensive.  Pictures available on request if interested.

Please help me welcome “Fly Girl” to our group.  She is an airline flight attendant here for a limited amount of time who is bored and looking for something to fill her time.  So she purchased a sewing machine, and shortly after that chose a serger.  She is off and running and is learning to incorporate the use of both machines on a project.  She made an adorable shorty jammie bottom.  After that she went on to sew the entire jammie top on her own and did some simple alterations as a part of the construction.

“Tiny Dancer” joins us also with an interest in swimwear for the women with a generously endowed upper body.  She has a distinctly creative streak in that her second potholder ended up monogrammed and heart shaped with appropriately applied bias tape.  The result was pretty impressive!  P.S.  Her nic was given to her as a young child by her father!

A big thank you goes to “Illinois Featherweight.”  She came to the area while her husband was attending a conference.  She wanted sewing lessons rather than shop while her husband was in meetings.  During the three sessions we spent together, she made a lined jacket and a stretch denim skirt.  It should come as no surprise that the pattern directions were not followed, ummmm, perhaps I should say-not followed closely?  All of you know how I roll!!

As a result of difficulties encountered during recent classes, some revision of class guidelines became necessary.  Please see revised guidelines for additional information if desired.  If any questions arise, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.

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