New nics, capelets and sneezes!

Published 09/20/2014 by Donna Kennedy

The intent to blog new names is actually beginning! ….or at least trying to…! Fun people turn up when they are least expected!  Isn’t that the way it should be?  I think so…  Anyway, there are some new folks on the scene and I shall try and introduce them to you as well as provide an update on a few others.

“Trapeze Girl” is a new member of our growing circle of fun people.  She is a aerial performer for one of the Cirque du Solei shows here.  She comes wanting to learn to make leotards and active wear as that is something near and dear to her.  Early on we have done a serger class and although the serger will need servicing and some adjustments-it was gifted to her-it will be well worth sending to the shop most likely as it is a machine in good shape.

Only yesterday, I met a fun pair of waitresses for their shopping trip.  Just for fun, I came up with their nics while shopping and these gave them pause to smile and agree with the choices.  I would like to introduce “Crimson Tide” and “Jewel” to you.  Crimson Tide originally comes from Alabama, not far from some of my family.  Jewel has a unique name that makes you think of expensive jewelry.  Crimson Tide has a has an embroidery machine and his plans to do some reworking of shirts.  Jewel chose some really fun fabrics for her initial projects.  More on the outcome of that later on.

“Shoe Man” has had some difficulty with his specialty commercial machine for shoes that are in the process of being resolved.  He and I are both a bit less than pleased with tech support from the company the machine was purchased from.  He also uses a simpler machine for other work and as I like to say, he has “mad skills” already when it comes to troubleshooting and perfection in his work.  He has also created a marvelous cleaning product for shoes that he markets.  Do ask about those if interested-you will NOT regret it.  The stuff even took shoe polish out of a light carpet without damaging the carpet and the polish had been in the carpet for a couple of years.  This polish had not come out of the carpet even after a commercial cleaning company had worked on it.  Amazing stuff this is!!  I hope he markets this to carpet cleaning companies, it’s THAT good!

“Magic Girl” has resumed classes now that she is back in elementary school.  She is working on clothing for an 18 inch doll.  Her brother already got in hot water for “borrowing” her Gingher scissors for something that he should not have.  She has hidden the scissors from him as a result!  Smart kid, eh?  Although, her small pair remains MIA at this time………

The capelet project has taken on a mind of its own at this point.  After multiple reassessments, discussions, not to mention a little hair pulling, the size of the capes were reduced and now number a bit over 100!!  The stitching of the red glitter fabric has been completed (yay!) but the fur application has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into the next phase of the project.  With the increased number of capelets and unexpected difficulties with the fur application that became apparent, modifications of the fur application became necessary.  Also too, the manner in which the fur was to be attached to the capes necessitated a change in just how that is to occur.  So….the fur is in the process of being re-cut into narrower strips which looks better and is easier to handle (to a point!).  The fur is then sewn on (requires a walking foot), then fabric glue is used to finish the remainder of the application.  Gluing faux fur in place is most challenging!!  And talk about sneezing!!  Imagine this-it’s not allergies to the fur that makes one sneeze, but the loose fibers from the fur float about and end up tickling your nose!  Now that the kinks in the project have been worked out, the end is in sight…somewhere!  More on this project later…

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