It’s February already?? Where does the time go anyway??

Published 02/23/2014 by Donna Kennedy

Hi all!

Once again, I am apparently a bit of a slacker here… My humblest apologies for all of that.  Time just slips by and I really don’t know where it goes at times.

I will attempt (ha!) to keep this short with just an update for the upcoming week.

Andrea is back to sewing clothing after a lengthy hiatus of doing home dec stuff while losing an amazing 40 lbs!  She looks amazing and now is working on redeveloping her confidence in sewing clothing for herself.  Her first dress is adorable.  She is getting away from using cotton and instead is working with some very slippery materials that are very flowing and soft.  The results have been amazing and I’m happy to see the joy on her face that she is pleased with something she made.  She made these amazing voodoo dolls for Super Bowl.  Aren’t they a scream?


Mindi is a newbie that has done a bit of sewing some years ago.  She is taking it back up for relaxation as it is something that is not terribly physical.  Yesterday, the two of us took a XL t-shirt pattern with raglan sleeves and altered it to fit her petite husband.  Yeah, right, petite…….NOT!  He’s a mere 6’4″ with an appropriate build to match.  I can relate to the need to make shirts larger as well as longer to accommodate the large and tall man.  There isn’t much out there for the man that is long in the torso.  Hopefully we will also plan to make some ties for him as even ties made for the tall man aren’t long enough. 

Gabriella finished her lined wool cape and has moved on to making a boned corset out of satin.  It’s coming along nicely.  It has a lot of detail so is taking a bit of time to put it together.  It will be fully lined and should be amazing once completed.

Kimberly will be starting a dress this week.  She wanted to try something new and is up to the challenge.  I love seeing people reach out of their comfort zone to try something they are interested in.  Patterns can be challenging as we all know, but it takes the willingness to try to use them is all that is needed for starting.

Mary Ellen made PJ bottoms for her husband out of alphabet print fabric.  Wonder if he has worn them yet?  She will be starting a dress for her daughter this week out of the same material so they can match.  I’m guessing that Steve won’t wear his jams out when Maye wears her dress.  What do you think?

This is just a taste of what everyone is doing.  It doesn’t begin to cover the month, but is meant only to be a teaser!

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