November Update

Published 11/08/2013 by Donna Kennedy

Hi All!  Well, November is already here and the realization that I’ve not posted to here for quite some time has just been noticed.  😦

As has become the norm for my students, new ones come and old ones go.  I’m always sad to see someone leave.  However, I am consoled by the fact that it’s all about empowering the individual to learn new skills.  That is far more important than anything.  Not everyone wants to learn in the same way or learn the same things, and that’s the beauty in what I do.  I do appreciate everyone and the wonderful experiences that I have had the privilege to share as each one grows their skills.

Here is an update as to what some of my students are doing, in no particular order……

Andrea M.  continues on and the variety of projects she chooses is pretty wide.  She recently made a three piece set of cushions for a window seat using tapestry fabric, zippers, and piping.  The end result was pretty amazing and done perfectly!

Erica M. took a lengthy break for personal reasons but will be resuming classes shortly.  I do know her potholder count was in excess of 20 at last count.  I look forward to welcoming her back!

Dyana F. and Jessica B. are new and are working on developing a swimwear line.  In their earliest days, and in the absence of an iron initially, they had me in hysterics when they brought out a flatiron for hair to use for ironing on their aprons.  So… the line is……no iron, no ironing board, NO problem! Ha!  Working with the two of them is a riot from beginning to end!

Leigh Ann W. is starting on a set of baby doll jammies following an emergency Jo-Ann’s run.  I apparently did not coach her properly in measuring and pattern selection, but it’s all good as we were able to find an acceptable choice for her jammies.  Go Leigh Ann!

Jeravae C.  is becoming nicely acquainted with her sewing machine at this time.  In the next few days she will be shopping for supplies to make a unitard.  She is looking forward to the challenge as she does competition ballroom dancing.  Short term plans are underway to begin making wearing apparel for Latin dance routines for her use.  We will be enlisting the assistance of a mannequin for this.

Mackie R. (now 11) has completed her first quilt for a cousin’s new baby.  She is currently working on Mommy & me aprons for the holidays.  Her mom, Diana, is a great facilitator for the projects Mackie chooses.  It is such a joy to spend time with them watching Mackie’s skills increase.  She is working with a full size sewing machine and will be “growing into” it for a good while to come.

I’m certain this doesn’t even come close to mentioning everyone, but I wanted you to have a sampling of the variety I see on a regular basis.  Probably you can see that life is never dull for me!  This has been a great year thus far and I look forward to the future with all these wonderful individuals and there are others yet to come.  Thanks everyone!

One comment on “November Update

  • Donna, you have already helped me so much! I can’t wait to learn more, and start making my ballroom creations come to life!

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