Fabric Store Locations

Published 08/14/2011 by Donna Kennedy

Before you start a project, you need to get your fabric! Here are a few of my favorite places to get fabric in Las Vegas:

  • Tandy Leather near Flamingo and Pecos has a wide selection of leathers and associated supplies.
  • Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts is a good all-around fabric and notions store, especially if you sign up for their email coupons. They have 2 locations in Las Vegas, one on the west side of town at Rainbow and Lake Mead and one in the southwest at Sunset and Marks.  They also have an available app for your smartphone which is great for coupons too!
  • Hancock Fabrics has 2 Vegas locations, one on the west side of town at W. Lake Mead and Decatur, and one at the south end at S. Maryland and E. Silverado Ranch.
  • Hobby Lobby has various locations about the city.
  • Home Fashions on Decatur and Oakey.  They carry a wide assortment of materials suitable for your home.
  • Heddy’s on W. Charleston between Decatur and Jones.  Heddy’s offers some specialty items that will be hard to find elsewhere.  Great fabric for costuming.
  • Michael’s also carries a limited supply of notions for sewing and has the Clover ripper/awl that is recommended.

Please take note on the back of the pattern and get the suggested notions (in addition to thread!) that are listed for your project.  If you don’t have everything when you start, you may need to make an additional trip to the store to get them.

Don’t forget to wash and iron your fabrics after you buy them.  If you are uncertain about the appropriate care for the fabric, ask at the cutting table when you have the material cut.  You don’t know who may have handled them before you!

Flowery Fabric Bolts

(Photo by Tinou Bao on Flickr)


2 comments on “Fabric Store Locations

  • I am new to town. Your website was a real help. The fabric here is a lot more expensive than where I am from in Louisiana. Where can you purchase the lowest cost cotton fabric for quilts?

    • Hi Lance-

      Glad to meet you! Given the limited selection of fabric stores in the area, I would recommend that you go to Jo-Ann’s, as there are two in the city. If you have a smartphone, there is an app for Jo-Ann’s and you will know it is the correct one if when you search for it, you find a letter J in a gray background. There are coupons available for smart phones. Also, when you are in the store, sign up for their mailers, but do NOT list an email address when you sign up. It works the best that way because then you still have the option to go into their website and sign up so you get even more coupons! I’m a die hard for getting as many coupons as I can from them. Never, ever pay full retail for their stuff as a lot of it, especially quilting cottons, come on sale every month or so.

      If you need any help with assembling and quilting your quilts, feel free to contact me. I can help you with that also. Of course you always have the option of having a long arm quilter do the quilting for you, but last I heard (not recently either, so don’t know how accurate this is) that the cost for doing so was $1/inch.

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